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Oladimeji Opeyemi AWOSANYA

Accountant & Web Developer


Motto: Moved by feelings and desires of affection


Together We Serve

I have a strong PASSION for Numbers from the area of calculating and analysing data and creating stuff from simple digit to complex problems. I find happiness in being a better me today than me yesterday.

Big Fact

Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, I think more than I speak and I notice more than you realize.

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I can solve some one of your problems, ok?

I Analyse Financial Statement and design, build & Debug applications.

I'm a multi-talented human. Most of my time I Prepare & Audit Financial Statement and also design Debug, build web & software app and . You can also call me a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, an Accountant,UI, UX or by any other market defined function-title. I'm also an multi-disciplinary maker with over 9 years of experiences in wide range of disciplines, front-end developer, Accountant, advisor, traveler, and more.

So are you looking for a professional, communicative & punctual software engineer with extensive web development skills?

I'm dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything i want to in any area of life i committed to.

Languages I speak:

Dev Tools:

If you have a website or an application you are interested in developing, a problem that needs solving or a project that needs rescuing, I'd love to help you with it.


I like to code things from scratch, debugging, Analysing and Auditing Datas.

Skill Set

My Recent Work

Helping start-ups, small businesses, and agencies achieve high quality websites and exceptional user experience

Web Developement


Check my recipotery Github

Web Developement


Check my recipotery at Github

Script Writting

I used Python & JavaScript as my primary Language for scripting Delievery.

Check my recipotery at Github

Software Developement (GUI)

This is a personl project that is writing in Python Programming Language....You can check my recipotery at for the project on Desktop app that i have written so far...

Check my recipotery at Github

About Me

I'm currently interested in Accounting, Auditing, Data manipulation & Analysis, Web development & Engineering user experiences

I'm an Accountant and a Freelance Web & Application Developer. I graduated with an HND in Accounting from The Lagos State Polytechnic and studied the Computer Programming Management System (CPMS) from Aptech Computer Education System..

I'm passionate about Web Technologies & data as a whole and as a result I ventured into Web Development and Data Science proper and extremely excited to build your own Web and software Application.

I have an Excellent knowledge with the use of HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, Python Programming language and Django as a freelancer in Web and Desktop Application Development. My areas of specific interest include Financial Accounting, Web Development and Data Science. Also, I had excellent knowledge in accounting field through my past experience as an employee at UNIFIED PAYMENTS SERVICE LTD as a Financial Settlement officer where I handles data in a large volume.

My Attributes

Sense of intuition , Intense ,Dreamer , Calm and Chill, Easy going, Strong and Resilient,Possession, Retention and Nurturing
Visionary, Adaptability, Patience, Protective, Devotion, Sensitive, Self-conscious, Loyal, Intuitive, Clingy, Thoughtful lover, Tenacity, Kindness, Versatility.
Cold, phlegmatic
Undesirable personality:
Untruthfulness, unpredictability, sentimental, pride, untidiness, resentment, vanity and laziness.
It's hard for me to forget someone with whom i have shared lots of memories.
Things I don’t do:
I don’t turn my backs on the people i love no matter what happened between us.


I'm an introverted individual who care deeply about my close friends and families. My natives are caring and matriarchal, sensitive and little dependent. I’m an individual who are tenaciously loyal and loving. I’m hard and insensitive from outside but very soft and sensitive from inside. I offer empathy and can sit for long hours with closed ones. Typically, I’m one step forward, two steps back. I fiercely hold myself and my dear ones.

I secretly enjoy the attention. I will soak up all kinds of headlines I get. I won’t pursue fame with passion but certainly won’t shrink from it. I give a cranky answer at times and come up with occasional crabby spells when I’m disappointed. When this disappointment gets over, i come back with my own sweet, gentle and understanding self.

Other Stuffs

When I’m not at work nor coding, i spend as much quality time doing what i loves most. I'm a man that enjoy life to its fullest and hard working. I doesn’t Jokes with work while on the field of duty yet full of life…

The followings are his other stuffs:


I loves to impact knowledge. I Believes knowledge is power…

I loves to teach Mathematics , Economics, Accounting and other Calculating subject and any things that is Logical in Nature.

I have been teaching SSCE , WAEC, JAMB, ICAN and ACCA student for fun. I'm good at delivery both on 1-on-1 and Group teaching.

Teaching has been part of me to the extent that i can’t let go of teaching.


I Love playing veriaties of games such as

  • Board Game: Monopoly, Chase
  • Video Games: Snifor filter4, Rangers, Soccer, James Bond.
  • Field Games: Table tennis, Soccer and Basketball

I'm a High driving team player … I had fun playing football in other to excise the spirit of team work.

My best motivator are:

  • DAVIS (Shoot taken) : ability to aim at the range of the goal pos.
  • JAYJAY (Dribbling) : Habit of self control & Confidence Building.
  • VIDIC (Agility) : strategic thinking of taken one out.
  • KAKA (Pacing) : Taking control of one zone.

Reading Books

I beliefs that for every problem lies a great opportunity to succeed.

That's why i keep searching for the mistry behide life by reading the following books...

  • Thinking for change
  • Man search for Himself
  • Attitude is Everything
  • The Game of Life and How to play it
  • As a Man Thinketh
  • The Power of spoken word
  • Your word is your wand
  • The Secret door to success
  • The Laws of Manliness
  • The Strangest Secret
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Laws of Leadership

Watching Football

I'm a big fan of MANCHESTER UNITED FC (The Red Devils) …


I'm an adventurous person (a Great Tourist)… Part of my wish is to travel around the world…

I loves to know what’s going on with other continent to feel how things taste, feels and sound differently….

I got stuff spread out on lots of different sites. ||| |

How can I help?

  • Create responsive websites that work on a wide range of devices

  • Assist with production of clean and functional design

  • Bridge communication gap between designers and developers

  • Integrate your website into an easy to use content management system

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