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I'm Highly accomplished and detail oriented professional with over 9 years experience attaining business goals and support through in-depth analysis, development and execution. I'm An experienced professional with a history of successfully managing Accounting and accounting related services, Supporting projects and handling time sensitive complex transactions to completion. I'm An outstanding individual possessing Data Orientation, excellent interpersonal, analytical, reconciliation, organizational skills, Designing & Developing Responsive Website, Implementing and Debuging of source Codes. I'm An effective Individual with the skills necessary to direct, train and motivate staff to their full potential.


  • Excellent time management
  • High drive motivation and Attention to detail
  • Knowlegdeable about Data Modeling, Excel (Vlookups & Pivot Tables)
  • High level understanding of data management
  • Provide assistance and support to company personnel
  • Analysing financial data and information to make consideration decision
  • Identifying inconsistencies in data and information
  • Experience of using a variety of relevant software packages such as e.g. Peach tree Accounting, Virdle 4000 Software, Economic Resource Planning Software (ERP software) , Microsoft application
  • The ability to tackle unforeseen challenges using existing resources


  • Fianacial Accounting : Excel & CSV
  • Fianacial Data Entry & Analysis : Excel & CSV
  • BookKeeping : Excel & CSV | Peach tree packages | Quick Book Package| ERP software
  • Responsive Web Design (Tools: HTML5,CSS3, Bootstrap4, JavaScript, JQuery)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development : Html(5) | CSS(3) | JavaScript | Django | Python
  • Back End Developing (Tools: Python,Django, SQL, My-SQL, MongoDB)
  • Software Development : Python | Sql Database | Excel & CSV
  • Data Mining & Scraping : Python | BeautifulSoup4
  • Teaching and Tutoring : Accounting | Economics | Mathmatics | Web & Software Development with Python Programming Language
  • Other Activities : | Automating Routing Job | Virtual Assistant & Internet Research | Admin Support or Assistance | Audit
  • Data Visualization : | Automating Routing Job | Virtual Assistant & Internet Research | Admin Support or Assistance | Audit


Import and Travels Executive (Aug. 2018- Till Date)

  • Kept record up to date of all the companies quota position documents being issued from the Immigration Office
  • Kept detailed information’s of all expatriates and their family on an excel sheet.
  • The State Security Service (SSS) form is being prepared every month for three (3) branches to be submitted first week of the month to the State Security Service (SSS office).
  • I keep a detailed list of all expatriates on our insurance list; for every new joinee, i send the names via mail to the insurance company to add the names so also same is done for every expatriate that leaves the company, i send their names and they delete the names.
  • I compile a list for CERPAC cards (Resident Permit) due for processing a month before expiration then i hand it over to Immigration officer for processing.
  • Preparing monthly Returns reports on Expatriate.

Seeking New Opportunity

Accountant | Financial Analyst |Data Entry Specialists | Auditor| Credit Analysis Manager | Payroll Officer| Risk Officer |Quality Control Officer | Tendering | Compliance Manager | Assistant Controller | Tax Accountant | Bookkeeping Clerk | Billing Clerk | Cost Estimator | Budget Analyst | Accounts Receivable Clerk | Accounts Payable Clerk | Accounting Clerk | Accounting Assistant | Environmental Accountants | Government Accountant | Cost Accountant | Tax Accountant | Compliance Analyst | Treasury Analyst |Personal Financial Advisor | | Bi Analyst | Quality Assurance | Quantitative Developer | Quantitative Researcher | Algorithm Trader | Quantitative Trader | Portfolio Manager For Financial Industry| Public Policy |Web Designer | Front end developer | Back end developer | Responsive Web Designer | Software Developer |

Freelancing ( Till Date ) : I have had lot of experience working as a freelancer base on Data entry, Web and software developing , Script writing , Accounting presentations based on standard , delivey some lectures on particular subject as required ranging from coding to complex mathmatics … Doing some Job and meeting up the delivery time as agreed …

Settlement and Reconcillation Officer (3 year : 8 Months)

  • Aggregated MEB data and generated POS settlement file and reports for marchants, Banks and Other Departments on a daily basis.
  • Dealing with large transaction Data files and Modeling it with Excel using (Vlookups, Pivot Tables & Macros) on a daily basis and chasing out transaction details and balances.
  • Provide timely and accurate financial POS settlement reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis to marchants and banks respectively.
  • Perform financial analyses effectively on Settlement files and Preparation of Merchant Deposit Bank Manual checker.
  • Track and review POS Reconciliation and Settlement (Naira and Dollar) reports for any discrptancy in settlement on a daily basis.
  • Keeps up-to-date with regulatory requirements, in order to maintain compliance with the delivery of timely POS settlement files to NIBBS and sending of reports to the parties involve.
  • Accelerated the daily Processing of MEB and POS TLA files for settlements by increasing the delivery time from 11am to 6am daily.
  • Communicated with individual banks reports handlier to understand how they wanted to receive their POS settlement reports and defined reports that met their needs.
  • The on-timely proceesing delivery of MEB file for settlement results helped the Departement and to save their cordial relationship with the banks and marchants

Biometric Registration Officer (6 Months)

  • Conducted regular data quality and audit checks to monitor the accuracy of data collected as well as a tool for identification and prevention of fraud and inefficient workers.
  • Maintained record of receipts as well as issuance of items that are going out of the warehouse so as to ensure accuracy and completeness uing the ERP software.
  • Involved in reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system.
  • Asisited in undertaking the function of stock taking and confirm the periodic stock on a regular basis by working closely with the designated staff members.
  • Assisted in developing data management approaches, Registering, Monitoring & Modification of Employees information using Virdl 4000 Software
  • Designed appropriate procedures and systems for the assurance of quality registration data through the implementation of continuous registration and verification exercises, including the facilitation of additional data collection in accordance with the using The Remote Access manager with The Virdl 4000 Software .
  • Designed, implemented and revised, as required the Computation of Employee Hour Work Salaries (Hourly Rate Wages) using The Remote Access manager with The Virdl 4000 Software for all aspects of registration and salaries in accordance with applicable standards and policies, including provisions for the protection of individual data and prevention and identification of fraud.

Loan Officer (1 year)

  • Reviewed loan requests
  • Assisted in Assessing clients’ financial status
  • Assisted in Evaluating creditworthiness and risks
  • Assisted in Sourcing for potential client. Individual or businesses, in need of loans.
  • Urgedclients to obtain loans from the institution.
  • Assisted customers with their loan application request.
  • Analyzed risks and approve or reject loan requests
  • Managed numerous financial and accounting duties for bustling financial instsitute.
  • Planning and organising work to achieve department objectives within a short to medium term timeframe
  • Planning and organising work to achieve objectives within a short to medium term timeframe


Lagos State Polytechnic

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accounting 2016
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accounting 2010

Ago - Iwoye Secondary School
Senior School Leaving Certificate 2003

Other Certifications


  • Diploma In Information Technology Management
  • Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Diploma in C Programming
  • Diploma in Python Programming
  • Data Analytics - Mining and Analysis of Big Data


  • Certificate in Python Programming
  • Certificate in Bootstrap 4


  • Macro & VBA Excel, Excel Table Design 2016
  • Introduction to Database Sql Querying 2015

Universal Class

  • Website Designing 2011


Young African leaders Initiative

Management Strategies for People and Resources

Management Strategies for People and Resources

Strategies For Personal Growth And Development

Strategies For Personal Growth And Development

Lagos State Polytechnic

  • Governor General
    2014 - 2016 National Association of Polytechnic Accountancy Students (NAPAS). Lagos State polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos State.

  • Welfare Officer
    2008 - 2010 National Association of Polytechnic Accountancy Students (NAPAS). Lagos State polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos State.

Accountant / Full Stack Developer